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The story so far

It all started back in 2003, when we came from the UK on a 2-week holiday with our children and friends and a totally unexpected opportunity arose. Less than 12 months later we had moved to Zadar and opened our first venue – The Garden Lounge.
2006 saw our first international event in Croatia The Garden Festival near Zadar, that grew very quickly and over a period of 6 years we had added another 6 events at the same venue attracting over 20’000 visitors a season from over 36 different countries.

2012 saw a location move to Tisno and The Garden Resort was born, where music led events continue to take place each year during the summer. At the same time as our move we also launched Barbarellas’ Discotheque.

2015 was the 10th & final event of The Garden Festival, but the Garden Resort and its experienced team continue to produce music led events and host guests from around the world, all enjoying a holiday with a musical backdrop. It was around this time we started to discuss and plan the latest addition to our brand - The Garden Brewery.

2016, June, saw the opening of The Garden Brewery & Taproom in Žitnjak, Zagreb. What started out as an exciting move to Croatia has grown into a comprehensive and successful brand & business.

Produced all year round, classic examples of key craft styles brewed the Garden way.